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The Post-Pandemic Theater Experience – Exclusive Releases, Live Events, and Much More

The year is 1948, you’re out for some weekend fun, and like 90 million other people at the time, you make your way to the nearest theater. Back in the day, the American experience was incomplete without cinemas. Stats reveal that about 60% of the American population visited the theater at least once a week.

Criterion | Weekends would be the busiest, with hundreds of people flocking to theaters to catch the latest releases

Seven decades into the future, the moviegoing scene has changed drastically. Even more so after the recent virus outbreak and consequent global lockdown. It is no secret that entertainment is now boundless. With smartphones and streaming platforms, you can access your favorite movies, TV shows, sports events, etc., wherever you’d like.

As Millenials and Gen Z continues to flock to new platforms, theaters continue to see lesser crowds every year. In fact, meeting the lowest point in 40 years, ticket sales have plummeted by a third in the last two decades.

Pexels | Accessibility has made people value comfort over getting a prime viewing experience

The Post-Pandemic Theater Experience 

Obviously, cinemas aren’t on the verge of extinction yet. But, taking global digital transformations in mind, they’ll have to adapt to survive. For Deloitte Consulting’s US entertainment subsector leader Danny Ledger, cinemas have to offer customized, unique experiences to maintain customer loyalty. He adds that what the movie theater business needs is reinvention. And yes, this means the possibility of privatizing rooms, offering more comfortable seats, and better food.

Even after all this, it won’t be easy. With high-quality video and audio systems installed in most homes now, people leaving the comfort of their homes to pay for overpriced popcorn will likely be a ridiculous thought to most.

But that’s where cinemas take their appeal up a notch – by offering blockbuster releases. The only thing that can pull people out of their comfort zone is the promise of high-budget, high-anticipated films. The kinds of films that are star-studded, with exceptional special effects worthy of a massive screen. It is important that these movies aren’t available to stream at home, too. At least not for the first two months of release when cinemas make the maximum profit.

Pexels | To generate maximum revenue, blockbuster hits must stay off of streaming platforms

Time to Switch Things Up

Furthermore, in light of Hollywood’s increased focus on streaming platforms, cinemas are trying their best to stay in business by exploring “alternative avenues”. As such, it’s time for cinemas to evolve, bringing to life the idea that these large empty spaces could be used as more of a gathering place where people with similar interests could come together to watch live events such as sports competitions, videogame competitions, and maybe even seminars.

So if you can’t grab tickets for your favorite live event, why not share the experience with other fans in a theater? Sounds like a brilliant idea, doesn’t it?

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