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Action Movies That Are Totally Worth a Watch

In action films, the spotlight often shines brightest on the biggest blockbusters, leaving smaller, underrated gems in the shadows. These hidden treasures, however, hold the potential to deliver unforgettable cinematic experiences that rival and, in some cases, surpass their high-profile counterparts.

In this exploration of the cinematic landscape, we’ll delve into a selection of action movies that have flown under the radar, deserving of recognition and a place in your must-watch list.

“Upgrade” (2018)

Leigh Whannell’s “Upgrade” is a sci-fi action thriller that effortlessly blends genres. The story follows Grey Trace, a technophobe who receives a life-saving implant that not only restores his mobility but also imbues him with superhuman abilities. The film offers a fresh take on the relationship between humans and technology, all while delivering intense and brilliantly choreographed action sequences.

IMDb/ Instagram | Upgrade is a 2018 cyberpunk action film

“Haywire” (2011)

Directed by Steven Soderbergh, “Haywire” stars MMA fighter Gina Carano as Mallory Kane, a black-ops operative who finds herself betrayed by her employers.

What sets “Haywire” apart is its authenticity in action sequences, showcasing Carano’s incredible martial arts skills and a penchant for realism in fight choreography. It’s a refreshing departure from over-the-top stunts, offering viewers a raw, bone-crunching action thriller.

“Centurion” (2010)

“Centurion,” directed by Neil Marshall, takes us back to ancient Rome as we follow a group of Roman soldiers who must fight for their lives against Pict warriors in the unforgiving wilderness of Scotland. This action-packed historical epic combines breathtaking visuals with relentless combat sequences, making it a hidden treasure for fans of visceral action and historical drama.

Netflix/ Instagram | Wind River almost defies genre definition. It’s ultimately a murder mystery thriller but it’s also a drama about family, loss, suffering, respect, and compassion

“Wind River” (2017)

While “Wind River” may not fit the traditional action movie mold, Taylor Sheridan’s gripping thriller is a cinematic gem that can’t be overlooked.

Starring Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen, the film revolves around a veteran tracker and an FBI agent investigating a murder on a Native American reservation. The tension in “Wind River” builds steadily to explosive confrontations, making it a suspenseful and emotionally charged ride.

“The Villainess” (2017)

South Korean director Jung Byung-gil’s “The Villainess” is an audacious blend of high-octane action and intricate storytelling. The film follows Sook-hee, an assassin recruited by a covert organization. What sets “The Villainess” apart is its innovative use of first-person perspective in its action sequences, immersing viewers in the chaos of deadly encounters.

Netflix/ Instagram | The Night Comes for Us is little more than a flimsy vehicle employed to deliver over-the-top violence, blood, and gore

“The Night Comes for Us” (2018)

Indonesian action cinema has gained a reputation for its exceptional martial arts choreography, and “The Night Comes for Us,” directed by Timo Tjahjanto, exemplifies this reputation.

The film plunges us into the gritty world of the Triads and showcases jaw-dropping fight sequences, knife fights, and brutal confrontations that leave no room for mercy. “The Night Comes for Us” is a brutal yet exhilarating masterpiece of action cinema.

“A Company Man” (2012)

This South Korean action film, directed by Sang-yoon Lim, introduces us to Ji Hyeong-do, a professional contract killer who longs to escape his deadly profession. “A Company Man” seamlessly blends high-octane action with a poignant exploration of the toll a life of violence takes on the human psyche. With its well-paced narrative and memorable character development, this film deserves far more recognition.

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