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Explained: Ryan Reynolds’ Surprise Cameo in “Bullet Train”

Ryan Reynolds is no stranger to Hollywood blockbusters, having starred in countless films. In his latest project, “Bullet Train,” the Canadian actor made an unexpected cameo that left fans in stitches. As it turns out, Reynolds’ cameo was a way to pay back Brad Pitt for a previous prank. Let’s dive into the details behind this hilarious moment in cinema history.

Jack Shepherd/ 20th Century Fox | Brad Pitt is seen as The Vanisher in Deadpool 2.

Ryan Reynolds Role

Ryan Reynolds’ cameo appearance in “Bullet Train” was brief but funny. He played a minor role as a janitor who had a funny conversation with Brad Pitt’s character. “Bullet Train” tells the story of five assassins who board a high-speed train in Tokyo with a deadly mission. This action-packed film features an ensemble cast of A-list Hollywood actors, including Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, and Joey King.

Reynolds managed to keep his cameo appearance in “Bullet Train” under wraps until the film’s trailer was released. The unexpected reveal of Reynolds in the trailer sent shockwaves through social media and ignited further excitement for the movie.

The inclusion of Reynolds in “Bullet Train” not only showcases the camaraderie and sense of humor between the two actors but also serves as a testament to the creative collaboration within the film industry. It’s a delightful surprise for fans eagerly following the Reynolds-Pitt rivalry and adds an element of anticipation to the movie.

SONY PICTURES/ BBC | Bullet Train is an action-comedy film

Origins of the Rivalry

The idea behind Ryan Reynolds’ cameo was to surprise Brad Pitt and pay him back for his cameo in “Deadpool 2.” In the sequel to “Deadpool,” Brad Pitt plays a character called “The Vanisher,” who has a blink-and-you-miss-it appearance in the film. His appearance was hilarious and unexpected, so Ryan Reynolds wanted to return the favor in “Bullet Train.”

Other Cameos

This trend of actors making cameo appearances in each other’s films has been around for quite some time. It is a way for actors to show appreciation for each other and have some fun on set. It also generates buzz for the movie, as fans love to see their favorite actors in unexpected roles.

Ryan Reynolds is no stranger to cameos himself. He has made appearances in several films, including “Ted,” “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle,” and “A Million Ways to Die in the West.” Reynolds’ appearances have been brief but memorable in each of these films.

SONY PICTURES/ BBC | The action-comedy film was released in the UK on July 27, 2022

Impact on Audience Reception

Reynolds’ cameo in “Bullet Train” will enhance the film’s appeal and generate audience buzz. Combining two beloved actors known for their comedic talents is a recipe for success. Fans of Reynolds and Pitt will be eager to see how their playful rivalry translates on the big screen and how it enriches the overall viewing experience.

Moreover, the playful nature of their rivalry and Reynolds’ unexpected cameo injects lightheartedness into the film. In an industry often associated with serious roles and intense dramas, this humorous twist offers a refreshing change of pace. It showcases the versatility and willingness of actors to engage in playful interactions that transcend their on-screen personas.

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