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This Man Has Perfected KFC’s Secret Fried Chicken Recipe After 18 Months of Trying

Gone are the days when we can just drive to our favorite fast-food chain and order our comfort meals. Now, it is considered a luxury to be able to go out and buy food, no thanks to the highly contagious novel coronavirus that has forced us to stay at our houses.

These days, people have resorted to revisiting their forgotten passion for cooking, and together with their desire to eat their favorite meals, you’ll be surprised by how creative they have become. What can we say, things have been tough, and what better way to cope with the situation than by replicating meals from our favorite restaurants from the comfort of our homes?

Maxime Lebrun/Unsplash — Most KFC stores have closed due to the pandemic

If you have been missing KFC’s famous fried chicken, you don’t have to experiment with ingredients around your house because a certain man named Dan Fell did the hard work for you. He claims that he has found the secret recipe for the finger-licking chicken, instantly making him an internet sensation.

While most of us were busy lining up in KFC’s drive thru, Dan has been perfecting his KFC chicken recipe for the past 18 months. Just as most of us have suspected, the authentic KFC chicken isn’t easy to replicate, as it requires precision and accuracy.

Tiard Schulz/Unsplash — KFC chicken has 11 herbs and spices

Colonel Sanders’ chicken is known to have 11 herbs and spices, but what the public doesn’t realize is that there are a lot of factors to consider to nail the recipe. Dan says that a deep fryer with oil that is only between 160 and 165-degree Celsius, is crucial to create the crispy exterior while keeping the chicken juicy and tender on the inside.

He also reminds us to find the right mix of herbs and spices for marination. The chicken needs to be at room temperature before you dip it in the egg wash made with only egg white and milk.

Dan went on to brag that he had done it 30 times, so he had perfected it by now. By the looks of his finished products, they do look like the legit KFC chicken but as for the taste, we still aren’t sure. Rachel Askinasi of Insider tried it out and said it tasted like the real thing, although she pointed out that the cleanup was more rigorous than the actual cooking process.

Edgar Castrejon/Unsplash Most of us have become chefs because of the pandemic

People who are looking to kill time while self-isolating can easily follow his recipe because it’s not like food chains are opening soon, especially since cases have still been ballooning. More importantly, a cure has yet to be developed, so it may be high time to bring out your apron for your home-made ‘fast-food’ meals.

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